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RenuBot Tractor

Fully autonomous/Driven by Technology

Autonomous Tractor with 63" Mower Deck.

Vegetation Control: Grass and Weed Management

AUTOMATE: Maintenance Meets Autonomy

Renubot combines autonomy and remote data with the reliability of electric power for site maintenance functions.

OPTIMIZE: Increase Efficiency and Lower Operating Cost

Renubot is the most cost-effective solution, cutting operating costs by 30 to 50%.

REDUCE: Safety and Environment

Renubot high-tech sensor and battery technology improves safety and reduces environmental concerns with zero emissions.


  • Fully autonomous/Driven by Technology
  • Operates on power supplied by smart lithium batteries.
  • Utilizes high-tech sensors to support safety and navigation.
  • Thrives on remote data for alerts, reporting and analysis.
  • Programmable: Operates at optimum times for performance.


  • Autonomously docks to charge batteries & exchange data.
  • Multiple charge configurations to meet required schedules.
  • Optimizes battery life and operational performance.


  • Adaptable to perform many maintenance functions.
  • Operates during the day or night.
  • Adjusts to changing conditions and environments.