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Maintenance Meets Autonomy

Renubot combines autonomy and remote data with the reliability of electric power for site maintenance functions.


Increase Efficiency and Lower Operating Cost

Renubot is the most cost-effective solution, cutting operating costs by 30 to 50%.


Safety and Environment

Renubot high-tech sensor and battery technology improves safety and reduces environmental concerns with zero emissions.

Meet Renubot

Renubot Autonomous Tractor

Renubot is an autonomous tractor created to carry multiple implements for small-scale farming and maintenance operations for the renewables industry.
  • Fully autonomous/Driven by Technology
  • Operates on power supplied by smart lithium batteries.
  • Utilizes high-tech sensors to support safety and navigation.
  • Thrives on remote data for alerts, reporting and analysis.
  • Programmable: Operates at optimum times for performance.
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