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Software is our Bread & Butter

We are a technology company. Renu's products know what to do through their instruction set.

Our engineers spend countless hours creating and assembling code to make our robots move, sense objects, identify objects, apply safety measures, learn new things, and report on progress and operational health.

Control Through Sensors TOP

  • Multitude of Sensors

    Through a multitude of sensors RenuBot analizes the environment around it to determine where it is at, what dangers exists, where it should move next.

  • Continuously Study and Evaluate

    We use ultrasonics, radar, lidar, IMU's, and many other sensors for normal guiding operation. We continuously study and evaluate new sensors that improve functions and vision of our robots.


Lithium Battery Technology TOP

  • Optimal Power to Weight Ratios

    RenuBot operates on automotive grade battery solutions, similar to Tesla, providing optimal power to weight ratios with the latest in BMS (battery management system) technology.

Data Driven & Wireless TOP

  • Collection of Substantial Amount of Data

    Our robotic systems collect a substantial amount of data about locations, environments, vegetation, performance, and operations. We transfer data wirelessly back to our control center where we provide reporting to customers and environmental data for research.


System Monitoring TOP

  • Monitored Continuously

    Our robotic systems are monitored continuously to assure performance and safety for our customers. Reports are provided regularly to guide in maintenance and assure optimal performance.