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How a San Antonio-Built Robot Mower Helps Secure Our Solar Power Future

Believe me, I tried, but this is what happens when you overthink the process of how Renu Robotics is changing the solar industry. Using their autonomous mowing device, San Antonio based Renu Robotics has managed to cut back on the thousands of dollars usually spent on maintaining solar farms around the country.

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Renu Robotics Uses Crowdfunding to Scale Autonomous Robotic Tractors Company

Renu Robotics is crowdfunding its line of autonomous robotic tractors to provide maintenance at large-scale solar farms. The San Antonio startup is developing mowers that don’t need supervision to help solar power operations reduce their maintenance and labor costs.

Wind and solar make up more than three-quarters of the electricity capacity coming online in the country this year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) 2020 Annual Energy Forecast. Globally, wind and solar energy generation is expected to grow four to five times faster than every other source of power between now and 2050, this McKinsey study concluded.

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Become part of the Renu Robotics story by investing in our equity crowdfunding campaign!

We're currently raising funds on the MicroVentures platform to continue to build autonomous electric tractors with the goal of transforming vegetation management for solar power plants. Your investments will help us complete software stack, finalize testing and provide working capital to begin manufacturing products for our pipeline of interested customers. Visit the Link below to learn more.

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TECH SA: Local startup develops autonomous electric tractors

SAN ANTONIO - Renu Robotics launched in 2018 with the goal of using technology to promote renewable energy and improve the environment.

"Operational expenses are a big piece of dealing with solar power utility scale solar farms. So what we're doing is actually making robots that will provide maintenance for those solar farms," Renu Robotics CEO Tim Matus said.

Renu Robotics is developing completely autonomous electric tractors for mowing purposes and hopefully to help expand the solar farm industry.

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Robotic maintenance tractor maker opens office on North Side

The company, co-founded by a San Antonio native, is manufacturing an automated mower for solar farms.

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Renu Robotics is developing an autonomous solar maintenance tractor

Renu Robotics is conducting a seed raise of investment capital for the continued development of a multi-use autonomous maintenance tractor to serve the expanding solar farm industry. Renu Robotics, based in San Antonio, already has a prototype in development that can autonomously perform daily vegetation maintenance of solar farms.

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